Enersilva – Electricity in Norway http://enersilva.org Cheap electricity tips in Norway Sat, 25 Nov 2017 16:13:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.1 When is electricity cheapest? An assessment of high and low periods http://enersilva.org/when-is-electricity-cheapest-an-assessment-of-high-and-low-periods/ Sat, 11 Nov 2017 07:02:43 +0000 http://enersilva.org/?p=57 Electricity is perhaps the greatest invention till date in the area of technology and it is the primary reason for the advancement of the human race. Electricity has become a common name in every household and not only it plays a key role in the removal of darkness but it is an integral part of our life now. Its application is enormous, communication, transport, operating surgical instruments, houses or offices, entertainment and the list goes on. Being one of the most important and dependant source for mankind, price of electricity is on the constant rise and it’s not exactly affordable for many who fall below the poverty line. The only time when demand of electricity is low among its consumers, you gain an opportunity of enjoying the best prices. The most desirable answer to the question when is electricity cheapest, is the time of spring when the temperature is mild.

Low electricity consumption plans

Depending upon season and use, people use their electricity. The season of summer and winter are the ones when optimum consumption of electricity takes place due to various cooling and heating requirements of the consumers. Electricity is also at its cheapest during any holidays or weekends. During summer, electricity use is optimum on extremely hot afternoons. During winter, source of light is low as compared to summer. This results in more electricity consumption as keeping the lights on for larger time period. People also prefer using heaters to balance the cold temperate.

There are some energy suppliers who offer certain short term plans to save high electricity charge. They offer electricity rate, charging you on the active plan on that particular period of time. Mostly such low rate offers are provided during the off-peak duration of the day. During the peak-hours, high charge of electricity is applied. These peak and off-peak hours vary with each specific supplier but usually the late night hours are considered as off-peak ones whereas hours during day time are the peak hours. The electricity price (strømpriser) also varies between the peak hours of the day like late afternoon time when prices are always hiked than during the early morning hours. There are a few other suppliers who even provide you with free electricity plans during night or even during weekends.

Guidelines to saving power

It is best recommended to complete all your household chores during that period of the day when price of electricity is comparatively low. While working during day time, best way to lower your electricity consumption is by unplugging your devices. You can plug those devices only during the late hours of night to avoid large electricity consumption. It is better to consult your local current supplier for the available plans that you can enjoy as they differ from one place to another.

To save power, use of smart meter is recommended in place of old hydro meter which were only able to measure the power that you used. Instead, smart meters enable you to collect all the required information about your electricity consumption. They let you know the amount of electricity that you are using along with the time of its use. Thus to save money, most effective means is to save power consumption. In order to lower the consumption, you need to be aware when is electricity cheapest.

What affects electricity prices – an Overview http://enersilva.org/what-affects-electricity-prices-an-overview/ Fri, 10 Nov 2017 10:56:26 +0000 http://enersilva.org/?p=54 Electricity is considered as a vital discovery of science. It enables men in production of goods as well as in transportation. The price of electricity varies due to many reasons. It’s important to know what affects electricity prices as we can evaluate the reason and rectify the same to make electricity consumption cost effective and affordable.

 Factors affecting electricity price

 The factor that usually affects electricity price depend upon the cost to build, maintain, finance and operate power plants and the electricity grid which is considered as the most complex system of power distribution and transmission. To know about what affects electricity prices, certain factors need to be considered are:

  • Power plants- Each power plant involves separate maintenance, operating and construction cost which are to be considered.
  • Regulations- In certain places, electronic prices are completely regulated by Public Service Commission’s whereas in some other there is combination of regulated and unregulated prices.
  • Weather conditions- For low cost hydropower generation, a good source of water can be rain and snow. When temperature increases the need of cooling, electricity is needed.
  • Transmission and distribution system- the system of maintenance and distribution of electricity also involves certain electricity cost.

Price of electricity is usually hiked during the hot days of summer season. When electricity demands are varying, changes in rate are noticed. Another feature affecting electricity prices are availability of different fuels, power plants and others. Usually the prices are highest during the summer season as the demand for certain electronic cooling devices are high for beating the extreme heat.

The price for electricity is normally high for any residential and any commercial consumers as the process of distributing electricity to these people costs more. Any industrial consumers use greater amount of electricity and receives more voltages. Hence supplying electricity to these people are much easy and also less expensive.

Electricity prices vary with different localities. Different locality uses electricity from different power plants, fuels and pricing regulations. The local fuel costs also vary with this.

Energy intensity is another factor that is determined for higher electricity rate. The electricity rate becomes higher in an advanced industrialized place.

Some of the external factors that play key role for higher electricity rate include sudden change in weather like a strong storm making electricity consumption absolutely high. Any market fluctuation of fuel will also affect electricity price.


Higher demand increases price

 In times of high demand of electricity when there is excess supply, a hike in the price of electricity may occur. Simultaneously, when supply exceeds demand there is an increase in the price of electricity. To store electricity is highly recommended. Usually the electricity produced is consumed and which isn’t consumed is either stored for future use or it is supplied to areas which have irregular supply or deprived of proper electricity as it should be. Living in a place with varied weather conditions, the demand of electricity can be considered high during summer days. This is the period when electricity price is usually higher. The more power is consumed, the more increase in price will be noticed. Thus, whenever the system fails to meet high demand of electricity, there is a chance in the rate hiking above the average price. Hence, as an answer to the most commonly asked question; what affects electricity prices, the above mentioned factors must be considered.

Easy ways of how to save electricity http://enersilva.org/easy-ways-of-how-to-save-electricity/ Thu, 09 Nov 2017 12:54:53 +0000 http://enersilva.org/?p=50 Electricity is one of the most valuable agents that one needs to preserve. The conservation method is easy and serves a lot of helpful purposes. It helps in solving the global warming and thus saving valuable resources. There are diverse ways to reduce the electricity spent. Following are the ways in which one can understand how to save electricity.


  • Use natural light

It is a great idea to open up the curtains while letting the sun shine in. Use of natural light at all times rather than relying on unnatural light can help in reducing the electricity. It is true in both cases when you work at an office and even when you stay at home. This can be done by arranging the workspace in a way that allows natural light to flow in. Moreover, you can keep the overhead lights turned off at times possible. You need to use a desk lamp that has low power when you need extra amount of lighting.

You need to purchase blinds or curtains in light shade. It still makes way for light to enter while providing privacy whenever needed.

  • Change the bulbs

The replacement of regular light bulbs along with comprehensive fluorescent and LED bulbs serve as big time energy saver. The incandescent bulbs are involved in the release of the consumed energy via heat. On the other hand, LED bulbs and CFL are a lot more energy sufficient while lasts longer.

  • Turn off lights

This is another simple and common way of saving electricity. You need to start to give attention to the number of lights present in the house at given period. While you leave the house, it is imperative for you to inculcate a habit to turn off lights. You can avail light bulbs that do not require you to warm up the areas which have lights and are used for shorter time period. Again, if you wish to go completely out, you can let your family make use of two rooms at the night time. Hence, instead of spreading out throughout the entire house, you can be compact with your use.


You need to unplug all kind of appliances which are not in use. This becomes easier with the use of single power strip that comes along with switch. Also, after powering your computer for the whole day, you can unplug it at the day’s end. This is because computers extract a lot of energy and hence when unplugged, it can help you save electricity. You can also try this out with television systems, speakers and sound systems. This can be turned away from power when they are not in use.

Further, one can also replace the old appliances with new models that guarantee energy-saving feature. This helps in conserving energy by reducing the household costs and also the carbon print.

Thus, the above mentioned ways offer a thorough understanding on how to save electricity. One can take aid of the solutions and conserve electricity to the utmost.

Valuable tips on how to save electricity in house and apartment http://enersilva.org/valuable-tips-on-how-to-save-electricity-in-house-and-apartment/ Tue, 07 Nov 2017 10:53:02 +0000 http://enersilva.org/?p=47 Electricity bill can exceed greatly, depending upon the location, season along with the usage amount. It can eventually become an intimidating expense. This is because electricity powers each and everything at home, starting from the appliances to the entertainment devices. It also runs lights and air conditioning at home. Though it is majorly important in the lives, however you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket every time for it. Following are few easy tips on how to save electricity in house and apartment.

  • Unplug

An apartment or a household plays host to diverse lighting options. Hence, it would be a lot beneficial if one turns off lights whenever one does not need it. This aids in reducing the electric bill cost. Simple unplugging appliances help in reducing the costs as well. Leaving essentials like a refrigerator, other durables like phone chargers, hair dryers, toasters and other appliances can be turned off to save electricity.

  • Cool naturally

Air conditioning serves as a great useful electronic item at home, especially during summers. However, all the air conditioners possess the ability to get turned off and on with the help of a thermostat. While few of the hot and humid days can get unbearable and make it difficult to go out without an ac, temperate days should allow the air to cool off naturally. This can be done by opening windows, blocking the sun to steam in windows and also by using fans. This allows the cool air to flow inside freely from another open window.

  • Go green

One advanced way to save electricity at your home is to eco friendly bulbs. These bulbs are more durable, environmentally conscious and long lasting. The light bulbs are not only beneficial for environment but also help you to save a lot of electricity.

  • Update and upgrade

The use of new appliances are increasingly energy efficient along with being responsible than the older appliances. If you are unable to upgrade to major appliances in a house, this does not mean that you do not have any control. Some of the minor appliances that come with eco-conscious models are blenders, toasters, televisions and so on.

  • Clean the filters

The air conditioner comprises of a filter which keep things like dirt and dust from blowing in air. However, it is important to change the filters regularly. Dirty filters are harmful for the health. This enables you to spend a lot more to cool your space with the help of dirty filter than you would spend on investing a brand new filter.

  • Use of power strips

Power strips facilitate the appliances to get turned off after a certain time period. Thus, when anything is connected to TVs, routers, game consoles and other items which use stand-by power can be completely switched off.

Thus, the above mentioned ways provide you ideas on how to save electricity in house and apartment. On successful implementation, one can save a large amount of electricity, thus saving up on valuable resources.