Electricity is perhaps the greatest invention till date in the area of technology and it is the primary reason for the advancement of the human race. Electricity has become a common name in every household and not only it plays a key role in the removal of darkness but it is an integral part of our life now. Its application is enormous, communication, transport, operating surgical instruments, houses or offices, entertainment and the list goes on. Being one of the most important and dependant source for mankind, price of electricity is on the constant rise and it’s not exactly affordable for many who fall below the poverty line. The only time when demand of electricity is low among its consumers, you gain an opportunity of enjoying the best prices. The most desirable answer to the question when is electricity cheapest, is the time of spring when the temperature is mild.

Low electricity consumption plans

Depending upon season and use, people use their electricity. The season of summer and winter are the ones when optimum consumption of electricity takes place due to various cooling and heating requirements of the consumers. Electricity is also at its cheapest during any holidays or weekends. During summer, electricity use is optimum on extremely hot afternoons. During winter, source of light is low as compared to summer. This results in more electricity consumption as keeping the lights on for larger time period. People also prefer using heaters to balance the cold temperate.

There are some energy suppliers who offer certain short term plans to save high electricity charge. They offer electricity rate, charging you on the active plan on that particular period of time. Mostly such low rate offers are provided during the off-peak duration of the day. During the peak-hours, high charge of electricity is applied. These peak and off-peak hours vary with each specific supplier but usually the late night hours are considered as off-peak ones whereas hours during day time are the peak hours. The electricity price (strømpriser) also varies between the peak hours of the day like late afternoon time when prices are always hiked than during the early morning hours. There are a few other suppliers who even provide you with free electricity plans during night or even during weekends.

Guidelines to saving power

It is best recommended to complete all your household chores during that period of the day when price of electricity is comparatively low. While working during day time, best way to lower your electricity consumption is by unplugging your devices. You can plug those devices only during the late hours of night to avoid large electricity consumption. It is better to consult your local current supplier for the available plans that you can enjoy as they differ from one place to another.

To save power, use of smart meter is recommended in place of old hydro meter which were only able to measure the power that you used. Instead, smart meters enable you to collect all the required information about your electricity consumption. They let you know the amount of electricity that you are using along with the time of its use. Thus to save money, most effective means is to save power consumption. In order to lower the consumption, you need to be aware when is electricity cheapest.